Simon Doonan, Jonathan Adler + Mr. Mickey Talk 'Paisley Ping-Pong' and Other 'P' Words

Video by Elizabeth Hummer

Take a break from whatever you're supposed to be doing right now and check out this amazing video of Mr. Mickey interviewing celebrity couple who can never break up, Barneys creative ambassador at large (and author of our new Nicki Minaj cover story) Simon Doonan and interior design guru Jonathan Adler. Mickey caught up with Doonan and Adler backstage at the Diet Pepsi Style Studio fashion show, where he outed them as a gay couple, listened to them brag about fake magazines holding photos shoots in their amazing home and chatted with them about merchandising. For those of you not in the know, "merchandising" is a retail term for attractively arranging products so people want to buy them. In a more general (and gayer) sense, however, it's the process of arranging items to be as glamorous as possible so that your friends are jealous of your clown pillows and cat dolls when they come over. Take a look at the clip above by Elizabeth Hummer. Pussy. 

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