Simon Dexter's Naked Ambition

peter Davis
Simon Dexter, a 27-year-old Internet renaissance dude, first became famous as the most popular gay porn star on the website Sean Cody. But since trading in his XXX days for a career in fashion, the Chicago-area native (who jets between L.A., NYC and the Midwest monthly) is gearing up to become a style icon known for keeping his skivvies on. Dexter is launching his own underwear line, Simon by Simon Dexter this fall, as well as a style/music/lifestyle website called Fashionably Late. He also plans to be the next Daniel Craig. Sit back and read what Simon says.

A former porn god with an underwear line. That makes total sense. Tell me about the collection.

It's going to be split into two labels, a white label and a black label. The white label is going to be very casual, comfortable and something you wear everyday to the work, to the gym. It's cotton and bamboo, so it's good in absorption. Three main cuts: a boxer brief, a brief and a boy short. Basically the concept is going back to classic fit and style. Not old, but not exotic either - somewhere in the middle. It's your favorite pair of underwear. The black label is going to be silk jersey and more evening. The designer is Malan Breton, an upcoming designer in New York. I want it to look like how a tuxedo feels.

How did you get into pornography and why did you leave the business?

I started in the adult entertainment industry working for Sean Cody, a gay porn site. I did that for about two and a half years. It was a ton of fun. I made a lot of friends and made a lot of money. I never imagined myself doing pornography. I generated a fan base. I found out through blogs. I had no idea. I shot with more and more photographers while I was doing Sean Cody. Then I said 'Hey, I'm going to stop doing pornography and start doing modeling. I like fashion. I like being in front of a camera.'

So who is this Sean Cody guy?

There is a Sean, but his last name is not Cody. I don't know his last name. It's kind of a mystery. I think he prefers it that way. I've met the guy. He's an extremely nice gentleman, extremely polite. But he's very exclusive and likes to maintain his privacy. He stays up in his in the white tower. And the studio is beneath.

How did Sean Cody, who sounds like the Wizard of porn Oz, find you?

I was recruited from my MySpace photos. That was about four years ago. It pays $1500. You get a flight and a limo. All expenses paid. They explained to me it would be a solo masturbation video. I said, 'Sure, that sounds interesting.' I went out to San Diego and did that. It was fun, easy and quick. They messaged me the next week and said they wanted me for an oral blowjob scene. I had a girlfriend at the time and we were living together. I didn't know whether I wanted to do it or not and finally decided, 'Why not?' They loved me and wanted to keep working with me. I ended up doing over 25 scenes with them. My frequent flyer miles added up.

You signed with Major Model Management, which is, well, major.

Major is a great agency. Jason Kanner, my booker, is a fantastic guy.

And you are also pursuing acting. Your plate is full.

Ultimately my goal is to be in acting. I have a life goal that at 35 I'd like to play James Bond in a Hollywood film, which I personally believe is a very attainable goal.

Tell me about your website, Fashionably Late.

Two months from now we'll be ready to go. It will cover fashion, culture, lifestyle and music. We are all in our 20s, four guys. We have a unique perspective in what's going on in fashion, lifestyle and music. We live and breathe it.

And you have a Simon Dexter site and you blog. Busy boy. is a partially finished website. I get a ton of random emails. I love my fans. Of course, I get some outrageous requests, but people also say I am an inspiration to them for following my dreams. I love getting fan mail like that. But also people in exotic countries ask when I'm coming to visit and they want to be my tour guide and will I send them a pair of signed underwear. It's interesting.

Underwear, movies, modeling, websites...It sounds like you really want to become a global brand.

"I'm trying to take over the world...slowly."

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