Silent Barn Signs Lease in Bushwick

Jonah Wolf

After being robbed of its equipment last summer and subsequently raising over forty grand on Kickstarter, D.I.Y. venue Silent Barn has finally announced on their website that they will open a new location at 603 Bushwick. With concerts planned for late December, the Silent Barn crew is still looking for volunteers to help renovate the three-story, ten thousand square-foot space over the next month and a half.

Silent Barn's organizers posted the following to their website:

This space surpasses the wildest ambitions we ever had for what the Silent Barn can achieve. We are ecstatic. This past year has been grueling; we have been working so hard as spiritual hobos since we were forced to leave our former home. That made us stronger. As an team, Silent Barn is smarter and more organized than ever. Without exaggeration, this new space makes the entire ordeal of the past year worth the wait - if everything happens for a reason, then 603 Bushwick is the reason why 915 Wyckoff was vacated last June.

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