Shoppers Strip Down For Desigual's First US Undie Party

Alyssa Vingan

There's nothing like a block full of half-naked people -- in somecases, three-quarters naked -- to wake you up in the morning. Starting today at sunrise, over a hundred scantily clad men and women lined up outside of the Soho Desigual store to take part in its first ever Undie Party in the United States. In this wacky promotion, which spawned from a concept that originated in the store's native Spain, the first hundred shoppers in line were allowed to pick out any two items for free in order to make a complete outfit. They even got to shop the store for an entire hour by themselves! But nobody who made an effort got left out: everyone else in line was able to purchase anything in the entire store for 50% off. If you missed out on the fun, you'll get another chance on September 28 at Desigual's 34th Street location. That leaves you a little under a week to hit the gym and get in tip-top underwear shape! Or at least to work up a ton of confidence. 

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