Shop of the Week: Guess

Rebecca Prusinowski

Guess who's sexing up Soho?? The clothing brand that brought you Anna Nicole Smith in the early '90s (and steamy ad campaigns ever since) is hoping to turn some heads with a revamped flagship on Broadway. Opened back in 1997, the Guess store was due for a little nip/tuck. The heavy oak and neutral tones have been scrapped for something more in step with the label's fresh edgy attitude. A shiny black tin ceiling is up, mirrored columns have been installed, and the landmark building's original brick work is exposed once again.

It's less glam and more grit here at Guess. Mics, amps, turntables and guitars are displayed around the 8,700-square-foot store, and the goods have undergone a bit of a rock makeover, too. You'll find plenty of shredded, studded and silk-screened attire, and in a back-to-basics move, there is denim galore. We also discovered a few hidden gems: a casual gray flannel dress for the girls is super-cute and there's some new footwear for the men that reflects a sharper sartorial stance (see pictures above). The store has an upbeat energy with thumping music and a staff that's all smiles, making it a fun stop on the Broadway shopping stretch downtown.

537 Broadway
(212) 852-0513

Photos by Rebecca Prusinowski

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