Shop of the Week: Franny & Roey

Rebecca Prusinowski

You know those friends whose bedrooms are chock full of cool clothes and quirky stuff you love to root through? Franny & Roey are those gals, and the new Williamsburg shop (bearing their nicknames, and a play on J.D. Salinger's Franny and Zooey) is that boudoir. Their 300-square-foot vintage store is styled like a bedroom straight outta 1968, with old dressers, shelves, and armoires packed with clothes that are not only fun to peruse but available to purchase.

Right now Franny & Roey has plenty of winter wear to rummage, with second-hand sweaters, hats, scarves, wovens and knits for both women and men. There’s an entire cabinet of coats, ranging from a trusty London Fog trench to a chic black velvet cropped blazer by Givenchy. There’s no shortage of accessories, either. Vintage shoes, bags, pillbox hats, and jewelry are mixed with a few up-and-coming labels like Mela hair products (very cool headbands, pictured above) and Doll & Dame apparel.

Not all of the wares are in perfect condition, but we’re not the precious type, so what does it matter? Franny & Roey have made shopping fun again. After you're done browsing the racks, grab Black Beauty from the nightstand and lounge on a retro twin bed or check out their selection of rare records. Everything from kitsch to couture is for sale here, making Franny & Roey a welcome newcomer to the Williamsburg vintage scene.

Franny & Roey
252 Grand Ave., Williamsburg
No phone yet

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