Shepard Fairey + Kaves' Tribute Billboards to the Beastie Boys and MCA

Gary Pini
Tribute billboards have popped up in L.A. in honor of Adam Yauch (MCA) of the Beastie Boys. Shepard Fairey and photographer Glen E. Friedman collab'ed on this design by Fairey, with one up around Sunset and Las Palmas and the other on Fairfax, just south of Santa Monica Boulevard:

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Friedman also collab'ed on a billboard with artist Kaves. It features a powerful Yauch lyric from the Ill Communication track "Sure Shot" and is located at Sunset and San Vicente:


The L.A. billboards came to be after Beastie Boys fan Jason May contacted Kaves, who agreed to be a part of the tribute project. Fairey also came on board and Friedman allowed both artists to use his photos. Friedman discusses those photos of the Beasties, which were taken in L.A. in 1985, in this L.A. Weekly piece about the billboards.

And, it should be noted, that we're not sleeping on the public art tribute front out here in NYC.  The Entree LS crew did this amazing mural out in Midwood:

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