Shades that Glow in the Flash

Peter Davis
I am addicted to sunglasses (I scarily own over 300 pairs) and just when I thought I had seen it all, comes a new company out of Portland called LOOK/SEE (which in the footwear industry is a term for a sample that is very rare). On the subject of unusually rare things, my pair of LOOK/SEE medium grey frames with neon yellow arms, glow like martian's eyes when photographed with a flash (a great look for disco nights - hello No.8). LOOK/SEE owner Kyle Yamaguchi, who started his career developing shoes for Nike, says: "I had one of the coolest jobs you could imagine. Now I've left that dream job to pursue a dream of my own." And if you want to create a flash for Billy Farrell's flashbulbs at the next party, the reflective LOOK/See sunglasses are definitely red-carpet ready. The retail for $110 here.

Here's a photo of LOOK/SEE model Michael K. Williams modeling a pair of reflective glasses (which, as you see, do not reflect in the sunlight):

And here's a video about the glasses:

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