Sexy, Stylish Girl Vampire Film We Are The Night Opens Friday

Opening Friday at IFC theaters (the ReRun in Brooklyn) and VOD on your local cable box is We Are The Night. Director Dennis Gansel's sexy, stylish, vampire tale is set in modern day Berlin where a punked-out pickpocket, Lena (Karoline Herfurth), is transformed by a pack of fun loving female blood-drinkers into one of their own. While Lena enjoys wild high-living nights with the girls and the rush a shot glass of blood gives her, she still harbors feelings for a handsome policeman (Max Rienmelt) who has been chasing her. There are nice touches --  like a scene where one of the women, a former actress, ruefully visits her daughter in a nursing home and sings her a lullaby. A breakout raid on a police station is also enjoyably gruesome. There's nothing particularly game-changing here, but this movie is lots of fun. And some girls just look better with fangs.

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