Sexy-Crazy Filipino Movie: Silip!

One of the looniest films to come from the wonderful DVD company Mondo Macabro is this crackpot 1986 film, Silip: Daughters of Eve. When Imelda Marcos was ruling in the Philippines, her dream of creating a film festival center caused her to ease up on censorship in the movies. Filmmakers could create "bold" movies -- which meant a combination of sex and melodramas with a little bit of hardcore thrown in. These films could be taxed by the government and the money went towards Imedla's dream project.

Silip was one of these films. It's set in a seaside, salt-mining village where former Miss Philippines Maria Isabel Lopez stars as a horny but violently religious woman who lusts for the town stud but suddenly, when her cosmopolitan and sexually liberated sister shows up and goes after him, the fireworks begin. Lots of nudity and Catholic guilt, not to mention beheadings and mob hysteria, and you've got yourself one bizarre, insane, cinematic experience. There's a second disc with interviews with the director and a marvelous interview with Maria Isabel Lopez, who defends her sexy movie roles with disarming frankness.

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