Secret Project Robot + Death By Audio's Housewarming/Holiday Party For the New Monster Island Space

Rebecca Smeyne
Secret Project Robot and Death by Audio, two of the city's foremost incubators of the d.i.y. music scene, joined forces on Saturday for a massive holiday bash in Secret Project Robot's brand new home, an art-filled loft and yard space off the Jefferson L stop (happenings seem to be moving further and further out into the borough lately). Secret Project Robot was formerly located in the Monster Island art complex, a colorful, mural-adorned building on Kent Ave, but was shut down in September because the landlord chose to redevelop the property. A Place to Bury Strangers headlined the party on a snazzy new black and white patterned stage; their frontman Oliver Ackermann established Death by Audio in 2004 (mostly known as a performance venue, but also a recording studio, live/work space, as well as the headquarters for Oliver's in-demand custom effects pedal business). The Immaculates, also featuring members of the Death by Audio family, played atop red cubes and platforms, and Edan Wilbur, Death by Audio's booker and most recognizable presence, DJ'd records in a Santa suit.

Rachel Nelson, owner of Secret Project Robot, introduced the APTBS set with heartfelt words about the importance of the underground scene coming together in times of struggle -- several other like-minded venues (Silent Barn, Rubulad) have either recently shut down or are in danger of closing due to financial reasons. She also mentioned that a portion of the night's proceeds would be donated to DJ Jonathan Toubin, a very popular man in this crowd, who was critically injured last Thursday in a freak accident. Saturday at least, amidst tortilla factories and a corner bodega with a tropical fish tank in the window, the scene lived on. Secret Project Robot, welcome home.

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