Scott Disick Goes Psycho on Jonathan Cheban in this Yeezus Promotion

by Max Kessler

Kanye West continues to mess with everyone. His new promo for Yeezus (which can be seen in much wider-screen format on his website) has "Keeping Up" regulars Scott Disick and Jonathan Cheban recreating the classic Huey Lewis and the News scene from American Psycho. With Scott Disick playing Partick Bateman (who he has long been compared to for his fancy suits and dead-eyed douchiness) and Jonathan Cheban playing Paul Owen, the scene plays out almost exactly like the scene in the original movie, only with the commentary on Fore! swapped out for commentary on Yeezus. Scott and Jonathan's acting chops may leave something to be desired, but the promo is funny and pretty brilliant: Kanye uses Patrick Bateman, the terrible American anti-hero that mirrors his own vain, materialistic, and violent rap persona, to promote himself, while, consciously or not, commenting on the "family-friendly" (but likely cutthroat) Kardashian Empire, which he's now a part of (but which he may one day publicly reject -- who knows, it's still Kanye.). In Vulture's review of Yeezus, Jody Rosen notes that "for all the talk about Kanye's 'arrogance,' no one is funnier about celebrity egotism than West himself." This promo makes that all the more obvious. Watch above.

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