Scott Campbell and Friends Celebrate His New Book, If You Don't Belong, Don't Be Long


Though Scott Campbell might best be known for his tattoo work, inking celebrities including Marc Jacobs and the late Heath Ledger in his Williamsburg studio, Campbell has also emerged as a contemporary artist in recent years, gaining attention for his pieces featuring the  hand-lettering and symbols of tattoo art laser-cut into stacks of money. His designs were also featured in Louis Vuitton's SS11 menswear collection. Campbell's work is now featured in If You Don't Belong, Don't Be Long, a new book by Rizzoli, which combines both his contemporary and tattoo art, showing how each influence the other.  It also features photography by Terry Richardson as well as pieces by Justin Theroux, OHWOW gallery founder Al Moran and screenwriter/novelist Richard Price. PAPERMAG photographer Zac Sebastian stopped by the Westway after-party for his book signing at OHWOW Book Club Friday night and snapped some pics of Campbell and his pals celebrating. Check them out in the gallery above.

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