Scenes from the Michael and Michael Have Issues Screening at Fontana's

Jonah Wolf

Last night, Manhattan bloggerati gathered at Fontana's on Eldridge Street for a screening of Comedy Central's new series, Michael and Michael Have Issues, and a sighting of the titular Mikes, Showalter and Ian Black, who (with the conspicuously absent David Wain) collaboratively created comedy classics The State, Wet Hot American Summer, and Stella. As we waited for the stars' appearance, strangers snapped photos of strangers clutching complementary Sam Adams. Your beleaguered PAPER intern (that would be me) was getting antsy.

Finally, the Michaels showed up to answer questions. Or at least Black did; Showalter's comments were restricted to a muttered "I think it's cool that you're blogging about this show. We blogged about this show." (I presume he was talking about the comedians' Twitter feeds, @mshowalter and @michaelianblack, the latter of which featured the apposite tweet, "Heading to a blogger event tonight, which feels a little oxymoronic.") Black's quick humor put the crowd at ease. (Blogger: "Have you and Michael ever considered being more than just friends?" Black: "Well, there were the times when Mike would get drunk and ask to blow me.")

Finally, the thing screened, and your beleaguered intern was delighted to find out that Michael and Michael Have Issues's first episode hinged on (whaddyaknow!) a beleaguered intern writing a story about Michael and Michael Have Issues. Brief sketches about abstinence pledges and a hyphenated "jambalaya" of obscene words were interspersed with the two Michaels' respective struggles to dominate the intern's story. Laughs flowed from the bellies of erstwhile snarky bloggers.

The lights returned to loud applause, and the Michaels were nowhere to be seen. In their stead were bags of peanut M&Ms (get it?) with the show's logo and its stars' visages pasted on. Your intern walked the block and a half home munching candy, already waiting for next week's episode.

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