Scenes from the CP X Nike Blazers Launch in Shoreditch

Rebecca Suhrawardi Austin

On an abandoned street in Shoreditch, the sneaker mafia assembled for the launch of CP X Nike Blazers designed by menswear designer Cassette Playa. I wasn't quite sure where the hell I was in London (neither did the taxi driver, really) but I bravely headed down the dark, East End street where the fiesta supposedly was being held. Pretty unconvinced there was a party going on anywhere in the vicinity, I eventually spied a bunch of people wearing the flyest kicks this side of the pond and suddenly I knew I had found it -- I was like Dorothy stumbling upon the Emerald City.

Once ushered inside, the event was a fantasy in neon. Neon lights, neon shoes, neon screens depicting skate scenes and Cassette Playa's last menswear show. Even the crowd was neon -- not literally, but their style definitely glowed. The piece de resistance was the presentation of the new Nikes, which were encased in ice, atop a ziggurat-like structure with dry-ice induced smoke billowing out, set on the backdrop of three giant pictorials depicting the new kicks.

Like Mickey D's, I'm lovin it.

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