Scenes from the A View From the Bridge Opening Night Party

Last night, the revival of Arthur Miller's A View From the Bridge, starring Scarlett Johansson and Liev Schreiber, opened on Broadway . The play, originally produced in 1955, earned rave reviews, many of which highlighted Johansson's performance, an anomaly for Broadway reviewers who often go out of their way to criticize celebrities in their Broadway debuts. The party was held at Espace, way out on 42nd and Twelfth Ave., and Scarlett wore a cute D&G flowered dress, with her hair tied up in a beautiful wavy side bun.  She seemed elated and said starring in the show was worth missing the Hollywood awards season for and there was nowhere else she'd rather be.

The party included guests like Zachary Quinto, who chatted with Broadway star Christopher Haneke and Patrick Heusinger -- who you may remember as Blair's royal love interest on Gossip Girl last season, and who stars in the new play Next Fall this March. Naomi Watts was there to support her man -- walking the red carpet with Schreiber in a metallic trench coat and really cute shoes. And fellow Aussie Hugh Jackman also attended the performance and the party.

Noticeably absent was Scarlett's husband Ryan Reynolds, but it was just reported that his movie Buried was a huge success at Sundance this weekend and was just picked up by Lionsgate for distribution. I love Ryan but this movie sounds awful. It's literally him trapped in a coffin with a cell phone, the whole time. No other cast members or scene changes; just Ryan, a coffin and a cell phone. Tom Hanks pulled off a similar feat in Castaway, but I'm not so sure that Mr. Reynolds can.... Not something I'm going to be running out to see. I'd instead save my money for a ticket to see the amazing performances in A View From the Bridge which also includes the radiant Jessica Hecht (who had an amazing makeup look going last night) as Eddie Carbone's wife Bea.

Pictured are Naomi Watts and Liev Schreiber, Jessica Hecht and Scarlett Johansson at A View From the Bridge opening night after party. Photographs courtesy of

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