Scalpel-Sharp Medical Thriller: Wide Awake!

Dennis Dermody

Above average, scalpel-sharp South Korean medical thriller Wide Awake (Genius Products) is out on DVD. It's another story involving "anesthesia awareness" -- people who are unfortunately wide awake during operations and unable to communicate this horror to the people doing the surgery -- which made for a nifty American chiller: Awake starring Jessica Alba. This one is about a young boy traumatized by the experience. 25 years later, a series of unexplained deaths to the doctors who participated in the operation suggest that it is tied back to this incident. Kim Myung-Ma is terrific as the noble Dr. Ryu, unaware that everyone around him, particularly his wife, is in danger of this crafty madman. There are a lot of unexpected twists, and the killer is strikingly original in many ways. I must admit anything with vivid surgery shots gives me the creeps...

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