Saved By the Bell Gets the Off-Broadway Treatment

Bayside! The UnMusical!, an unauthorized parody of beloved nineties Saturday morning mainstay, Saved By the Bell, returns to the East Village's Kraine Theatre from May 9th-19th.  From what we can tell, this musical has everything: song numbers about homoerotic wrestling, brick-sized cellphones, teenage pregnancy and all of the tropicalia patterns you could hope for worn by one Samuel "Screech" Powers. (In this case, Screech is played by a gal named Rachel Witz. Fingers crossed that they work in the episode where he rips Zack's shirt open in a fight over Lisa.) Tickets are $15 (but you get $5 off by using the promo code "tigers") and all shows start at 8pm.

To help get you in the mood, check out this super cut of SBtB audience members wooing at inappropriate moments. (Disregard the last clip with Candace Cameron Bure a.k.a. DJ from Full House...we're not sure where that's from but it ain't Bayside High.)

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