Sandy's a-Comin' -- Be Safe Everyone!

Save for a couple of photo galleries we'll be posting today from Halloween weekend shenanigans in NYC, we're taking the day off here at PAPER HQ to obsessively watch NY1 for updates on Hurricane Sandy, check the Times' City Room blog for more updates on Hurricane Sandy, and freeze bags of water. (Really, you should freeze bags of water -- they will keep perishables cool should you lose electricity, and you can use the water when they melt.) Mostly, though, be safe today, everyone! Stay inside, watch Big Bird confront his fear of storms and spend some time with your Netflix instant account (we cannot recommend the first three seasons of soothing/depressing NBC family drama Parenthood enough, or, if you want to keep things topical, there's always the 'Stormy Weather' episode of Falcon Crest ). Let's ride this sucker out!

[I Hurricane NY GIF via Laughing Squid]

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