Ryan Hemsworth's "One For Me" Video Is Beautifully ... Boring

by Justin Moran

To an outsider, Canadian DJ Ryan Hemsworth's lifestyle seems untouchably cool--jet setting from hotel to hotel and performing for crowds of screaming fans--but his latest video, "One For Me," featuring the sultry vocals of R&B singer Tinashe, suggests a more mundane reality.

Hemsworth teamed up with director Martin C. Pariseau to create "the most boring music video of 2014," and the result is certainly lackluster, but finds power in its subtleties. He spends evenings alone in a dimly lit hotel room, falls asleep in an empty bed, eats room service breakfast alone and takes dips in the pool alone. When he drives his white convertible Lamborghini throughout Montreal, he yawns and when he takes off in a flashy helicopter, he seems entirely uninterested.

A powerful closing shot and blatant commentary on our society's obsession with technology, "One For Me" ends with a laptop thrown on the ground in flames. To Hemsworth, it seems fame and fortune both come with a price tag: Isolation.

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