Russia Reveals It Has a Field With "Trillions of Carats" of Diamonds + What Really Broke Up The Fugees = Eight Items Or Less

1. Russia just declassified information indicating a massive diamond field in the country that has "trillions of carats" of gems that could "supply global markets for another 3,000 years." [via Christian Science Monitor]  

2. Grub Street has a great round-up of "secret off-menu dishes" in New York, Chicago, Boston, Los Angeles, Philly and San Francisco. Pictured above is the "large-format pork" at NYC's Craftbar.

3. Thomas Bayrle will be the next artist to display his work on a High Line billboard -- following the likes of Maurizio Cattelan and John Baldessari -- and has chosen his 1970 piece, "American Dream." [via Gallerist]

4. Military officials and police officers will start training for a "zombie apocalypse." [via HuffPo]

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