Rootstein's Nouveau Manorexic Male Mannequins

Peter Davis

Last night, Rootstein, the mannequin-making magic factory, hosted the opening of "Homme Nouveau," their first line of male mannequins. The very real-looking boy-equins were on the manorexic side (meaning I skipped the purple cupcakes being offered) and were created by Rootstein's creative director Kevin Arpino, who was in town from London. The exhibit was dramatically lit and the mannequins (including some female ones) were dressed in Dior-inspired looks from elaborate Marie Antoinette-esque ball gowns to biker-chic for the guys. The heavily made-up crowd -- think Kenny Kenny, Malik So Chic, designers David and Phillipe Blond, Gazelle, Patrick McDonald and real-life, legendary 1970s super-mannequin Pat Cleveland -- fit right in. I also spotted Andrew Andrew, PJ Pasqual, Chuck Attix and Mauricio Padilha. Manorexic male mannequins: an inspiration to get summer-skinny fast!

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