Roman Polanski's Brilliant, Dark Comedy Cul-De-Sac On Criterion Blu-ray & DVD

Roman Polanski's brilliant but rarely seen 1966 black comedy Cul-De-Sac (Criterion) is finally available on Blu-ray and DVD. This was Polanski's second English language feature after Repulsion, and it's about a home invasion by two wounded gangsters (gravel-voiced Lionel Stander and Jack MacGowran) on the remote castle-like home of a hen-pecked husband (Donald Pleasence) and his beautiful, willful, wife (Francois Dorleac). This weird, strangely funny film echoes Harold Pinter and Samuel Beckett with a real perverse undercurrent. Gorgeously filmed in black and white on Holy Island in Northumberland, this has never been out on DVD in the U.S. and the Criterion version is luminous. It also includes a wonderful short film about the rocky making of the film "Two Gangsters And An Island" and a television interview with Polanski from 1967.

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