Rolling Stones Aren't Playing Coachella + Samwell Isn't Happy in Today's Eight Items Or Less

Gary Pini

1. Rolling Stones to headline Coachella?  Hits magazine says they're close to making a $5 million deal to play the festival in April 2011 but Examiner says the rumor is "not true."

2. Where's my raise?  The number of federal workers making more than $180,000 a year has gone from 805 in 2005 to 16,912 in 2010. (via USA Today)

3. Listen to DJ/Rupture's BBC 6 mix here.

4. Here's  the top viral ads for the last 30 days. Nike's "LeBron Rise" was #1.

5. Is South Park's "I Say What In the Butt" a rip-off of Samwell's "What What (In the Butt)"? The video's producers think so. Don Draper weeps!

6. A recent study shows that high school students that spend the most time texting and using social networking sites are at a higher risk for drug abuse. (via Case Western University)

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