Rock Offspring Clothing Lines We'd Love To See

Alyssa Vingan
Daisy Lowe, British model and daughter of Bush frontman Gavin Rossdale, has designed a clothing line for the French brand Morgan. This comes on the heels of the much buzzed-about news that Lourdes would help her mother Madonna create a line called "Material Girl" for Macy's. It's not exactly a new thing for musicians' children to embrace fashion design as a career -- Stella McCartney being the Queen among them -- so we've compiled a list of some rock progenies whose clothing lines we'd be very interested in seeing.

Who: Atlanta de Cadenet Taylor and Peaches Geldof
Rock Star Parents: John Taylor of Duran Duran and Bob Geldof, respectively
Why we want to see it: These two hipster darlings run in the same creative LA circles. While some of their looks might be a little strange, their devil-may-care attitudes paired with one-of-a-kind pieces keep them looking cool.
What we think it would look like: Goodwill chic with a granny twist. And we know the lookbook would be awesome since Atlanta's mom is photographer Amanda de Cadenet.

Who: Zoe Kravitz and Coco Sumner
Rock Star Parents: Lenny Kravitz and Sting, respectively
Why we want to see it: These two have the rock-and-roll aesthetic down pat.
What we think it would look like: Tattered t-shirts, leather jackets, chunky boots, and some hippie-esque bandannas thrown in for good measure. Oh, and a great collection of faux-fur coats.  

Who: Jethro Cave
Rock Star Parent: Nick Cave
Why we want to see it: The model is the son of rock icon Nick Cave whose look has gone from new wave goth heartthrob to, puzzlingly, Western-outlaw-lounge-singer over the past 20 years. We see echoes of the same looks in Jethro's style, too.   
What we think it would look like: Rick Owens goes to a yard sale in Daytona.

Who: Alexandra Richards and Georgia Jagger
Rock Star Parents
: Keith Richards and Mick Jagger, respectively
Why we want to see it
: These two Rolling Stones offspring are absolutely gorgeous, and both already have lucrative modeling careers. They're always among the best dressed at any party, since they dress to flatter their shapes and know how to perfectly pair feminine and masculine elements (say, a party dress with combat boots).
What we think it would look like
: Tailored blazers and leather pants with a focus on cool accessories, like hats, silk scarves, and sunglasses.

Who: Frances Bean Cobain
Rock Star Parents: Kurt Cobain
and Courtney Love
Why we want to see it:
Much unlike her parents, Frances' style is far from grungy, and she always looks so pretty and feminine when she's photographed around town in high heels and floral dresses.
What we think it would look like:
Glammed-up, sleeker versions of the tattered babydoll dresses and vintage lingerie her mom once favored.

: Jessica Springsteen
Rock Star Parent
: Bruce Springsteen
Why we want to see it:
The 18-year-old isn't a fixture on the party circuit like some of our choices, but she's a champion equestrian and a Duke University student. We bet that her time spent at horse shows and country clubs has given her an appreciation for classic American sportswear.
What we think it would look like:
Menswear-inspired and conservative. Ralph Lauren for the teen set.

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