R.I.P. Sesame Street Puppeteer Jerry Nelson

We were saddened to hear today of the passing of Sesame Street puppeteer Jerry Nelson, who voiced the purple counting vampire Count von Count. The Count was always one of our favorite characters -- slightly annoying and not that nice to his batty bats, but gleefully obsessed with numbers.

In addition to the Count, Nelson played Gobo on Fraggle Rock, as well as Sgt. Floyd Pepper of the Electric Mayhem band, Dr. Julius Strangepork from the "Pigs in Space" sketch, Kermit's nephew Robin and Gonzo's girlfriend Camilla the Chicken.

Below, some of our favorite Count clips from Sesame Street.

The count goes shopping for fruits and wegetables and goes nuts over counting potatoes.

The count's batty bats go on strike.

The Count tries proposing to his girlfriend, Natasha, but gets distracted.

The count takes FOREVER to count down his rocket blast-off.

Compulsive counting.

The Count sings a feel-good calypso jam with Harry Belafonte.

The Count flashes back to being scared to go to his first day of school. Guess what cheers him up?

The Count directs Liam Neeson on how to count to 20. 

The Count and Susan Sarandon get locked out of a castle.

The Count hangs out with the Mets and totally blows it.

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