RIP Miss Moneypenny, Lois Maxwell

Lois Maxwell, who played the intelligent and flirtateous secretary Miss Moneypenny in 14 James Bond movies, passed away at the ripe old age of 80. She was by far my favorite Bond Girl. All others were mere bimbos compared to Moneypenny. (Sorry, Ursula. You were hot but Moneypenny was smart!) Maxwell was a woman with more to offer than just a roll in the hay. That's probably why Bond couldn't handle her. No way could he control this vixen-with-a-brain! You can watch scenes of Maxwell with both Sean Connery and Roger Moore in this tribute video. (Underscored, appropriately, with "I Think I Love You" by the Partridge Familly!)

Interspersed throughout are scenes with Pierce Brosnan's latter day Bond and the replacement Moneypenny. It is painfully obvious they are no match for the originals. (Was there even a Miss Moneypenny in the recent Casino Royale with Daniel Craig? I didn't see it and she's not listed on the IMDB entry for the film.) Connery will always be the definitive Bond for me. (Although some swear On Her Majesty's Secret Service is the most true-to-Ian-Fleming-Bond movie there is. Diana Rigg certainly brought more to the proceedings than the usual Bond babes. Come to think of it, Rigg does remind one a bit of Maxwell's Moneypenny. In fact, Maxwell practically overshadow's one-time Bond George Lazenby in that brief clip.) I prefer to think of Moneypenny squaring off with Connery, not Moore -- even if she and Mr. Moore maintained a life-long friendship after meeting one another at London's Royal Academy of Dramatic Arts.) Rest in Peace Miss Moneypenny-Maxwell. You were a class act that no one can adequately follow! Nobody did it better!

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