Ridiculously Charming Behind-the-Scenes Footage of Barack Obama ...

Here are some delightful behind-the-scenes clips of President Obama, captured by first cameraman Arun Chaudhary. This video is off the charts on the charm-o-meter. We're gonna need a bigger charm-o-meter! [TastefullyOffensive]

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Dolly Parton - "Love Is Like a Butterfly"
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Here's a clip (complete with outtakes) of Stephen Colbert and Dolly Parton performing a soothing duet together on last night's Colbert Report. Something super adorable happens at the 0:16 mark.
Liz & Dave. [CampBasement]

Novelty store Archie McPhee is now selling giant glow-in-the-dark googly eyes. (Because seeing giant, glowing eyes in your bedroom at night isn't scary at all, right kids?) [LaughingSquid]

Just in time for winter: the fun and festive bacon scarf by artist Natalie Luder.

An elephant named Peter (sob) jamming on a green piano (double sob). [TastefullyOffensive]
 Darth Santa! [Reddit]

Just some ladies dressed as fish, having tea. [OldFilmsFlickr]

Gold star to the Oatmeal for this gem.

More cat cameos in Univision weather reports, please. [Towleroad]
 Have a chill Wednesday. [Coinfarts]

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