Rich White Ladies' "Wimbledon" Is Your New Favorite Song

by Justin Moran

"You are so bull-bullshit, we are so Wimbledon," announce NYC rap duo Rich White Ladies in their latest track "Wimbledon," offering the perfect anthem for drowning in drinks, while watching Venus and Serena slay on the court. Granted, that lyric makes absolutely no sense, but we can really see it becoming the next big thing. If someone cuts you in line at the club, smack them, but be sure to let them know that you are so Wimbledon. They'll probably be deeply confused, but it's okay because Rich White Ladies say it's cute. We're also really into the line, "serving face while I'm serving the ace" -- the queens of New York are going to die.

Check out the amazing video for twerking and tea parties on a tennis court, including cameos from Semi Precious Weapons' lead singer Justin Tranter and bassist Cole Whittle. Justin really serves on stage, but his tennis serve is pretty on-point, too.

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