Rich White Ladies Are Making Tennis Their Bitch

by James Rickman

It's pretty much impossible to resist the verdant opulence of the tennis court, whether that means worshipping it, critiquing it or straight up subverting it. Anna Wintour watches US Open games in dresses she was just seen wearing in Fashion Week front rows. (Rumor has it that the NYFW schedule occasionally gets tweaked so Wintour can make it to Flushing in time for a match.) Lorde pines for a lost Eden in her 2013 single "Tennis Court." And because tennis wouldn't be tennis without McEnroe-style tantrums, we have Rich White Ladies. In their breakout track "Wimbledon," the Bronx-bred duo make blueblood privilege their bitch. MC Tokyo Diiva explains: "You can have a million Birkin bags and Herve Leger and Hermes or whatever, but that's wearing you; you're not wearing it. I think we're the one percent. I think we got it right."

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