Rei Kawakubo Does H&M!

PAPER threw its 11th annual Beautiful People Party last night at Hiro and it was really fun. All the cute kids from the issue were in attendence and the adorable Joanna Newsom (our cover girl) hung out with us for a while before she performed. The glamourous Threeasfour's Adi, Angela and Gabi sat with me and their old friend Bjork joined us. (turns out she's friends and fan of Newsom also...) I love Bjork. She came with her sig other Matthew Barney who looked completely uncomfortable and disappeared soon after arriving.

Meanwhile, the event this year was sponsored by H&M and we heard from all the H&M kids who were at the party that they'd be announcing a new guest designer and that they were not allowed to tell us who it was!!! Of course we tried to drag it out of them with booze, cajoling and flirting but they wouldn't give and said that they were announcing their new designer today so we'd have to wait. We then all spent the evening putting bets on who it would be. We guessed Burberry, Paul Smith (I think this would be amazing) and Yohji Yamamoto and I SWEAR I thought to myself Rei Kawakubo, but dismissed the idea as being too outrageous. Well I woke up to an email press release confirming my greatest hope: YES! Rei Kawakubo will collaborate on a line of clothes this fall with the Swedish Giant. And I cant wait to see what she does and buy every piece. I wonder how looks like these will translate into 39 dollar pieces. CANT WAIT!

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