Redu Homeroom + Santos Rides Again in Today's Eight Items or Less

Gary Pini

1. If you missed the big RE:FORM SCHOOL art exhibit and want to support an initiative to re-think our public education system, here's another opportunity. This fundraiser, REDU HOMEROOM, features works by Scott Campbell, Jose Parla, Neck Face, Luis Gispert and Lucien Marc-Smith and it's happening on Tuesday, November 9, 8 p.m. to 11 p.m. at Reed Space (151 Orchard Street). RSVP to

2. Stop by the old Dia space at 548 West 22nd Street over the weekend for the Editions/Artists' Books fair. This showcase for contemporary publishers and dealers includes over 60 exhibitors on two floors with prints, multiples and artists' books. AND admission is free and open to all. We spotted a cool little book at the Western Exhibitions stand that was made from the paper wrapped around every stick of butter that Dutes Miller and Stan Shellabarger had used in one year.

3. Before the art disappears, check out "The Self-Destruction Show" at Flux Factory (39-31 29th Street, Long Island City). The exhibit and performances "explore the potential of destruction as a creative force." It opens tomorrow, November 6 at 11 a.m. and runs on weekends until the 23rd.

4. Slate digs deep ( with their fact-checking on the 900-page Anthology of Rap (Yale University Press) and finds some, you guessed it, mistakes. Wait until they get their hands on The Big Payback (NAL) by Dan Charnas.  We actually enjoyed this (only) 672-page epic history of the business of hip-hop and can vouch for the accuracy of what we could remember from the '80s.  We are still working on our 26-volume, A=to-Z Encyclopedia of Rap and it should be ready any day now.

5. In case you haven't heard, SANTOS (96 Lafayette Street) is back in business after being temporarily shuttered by police. Stop by on Sunday, November 7, for their 718 Sessions with Danny Krivit and special guest Hex Hector.

6. Shit My Cats Type.

7. Photographer Nobuyoshi Araki shoots model Kiko Mizuhara for Barney's "Have a Foodie Holiday" winter campaign. Yum!

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