Red Bull Music Academy Returns With Dance-a-Thon Bounce Ballroom

by Abby Schreiber

The Red Bull Music Academy returns to NYC this May, kicking things off with a dance-a-thon dubbed "Bounce Ballroom." The party, which goes down on May 1st at the Brooklyn Night Bazaar, highlights four different dance styles popularized in New York and New Jersey since the 1980s through the present day. The styles -- Bruk Up/Flexing, house dancing, voguing, and Jersey Club -- will be represented by four different dance and DJ crews, whose members include MikeQ (voguing) and DJ Sliink (Jersey Club).

More RBMA events will follow throughout the month of May including concerts, club nights, art installations, and panels and you can scope the full schedule HERE. For more info on Bounce Ballroom, the four dance styles, and how to purchase tickets, head HERE. In the meantime, check out trippy GIFs of the four dance styles that the RBMA folks were kind enough to pass along above and below.


Jersey Club


GIFs by Yoshi Sodeoka

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