Ratatat, Bagels, the National and Collages in Today's Eight Items or Less

Elizabeth Thompson

1. PAPER Music Issue cover boys Ratatat are DJing tomorrow night at Home Sweet Home. 9 p.m.

2. Speaking of Ratatat DJ sets, there's one included in PS1's party/music series Warm Up. Other acts performing include Animal Collective, JD Samson's MEN, Kalup Linzy and Glasser. [BV]

3. The stupid bagel scooping trend won't die.   NYPOST via Eater.

4. A Google street view map in Aberdeen, Scotland caught an image of a man standing bu the side of the road wearing a horse mask. Very scary!  [BBC]

5. Whoops, the National's Matt Berineger bought a crazy alarm clock in Tokyo that security at the Honolulu airport thought was a bomb. The airport was evacuated for 45 minutes. [Pfork]

6. Dogs wearing lobster outfits! [BuzzFeed]

7. "SHRED," an exhibition of collage-based works curated by PAPER's Carlo McCormick, opens July 1 at Perry Rubenstein Gallery.

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