Questlove Will Teach at NYU + Forbes Reveals Highest-Paid TV Actor = Eight Items Or Less

1. Forbes lists Ashton Kutcher as this year's highest-paid TV actor. Kelso's moving on up!

2. Read a fascinating (and mildly disgusting) review of "cat poop coffee" over at NPR.

3. The Village Voice came out with their "Best Of" list today and category highlights include "Best Humorous Asian Rap Group" (Notorious MSG), "Best Nice Drag Queen" (Dwayne Milan) and "Best Traffic Reporter" (Jamie Shupak, but of course).

4. Justin Timberlake and Jessica Biel are maybe/probably getting married in Italy this weekend. [via HuffPo]

5. Wow. Read about Richard Lee Norris's amazing face transplant surgery. [The Daily Mail via Buzzfeed]

6. Questlove is teaching a class at NYU next spring? QUESTLOVE IS TEACHING A CLASS AT NYU NEXT SPRING! It'll be called "Classic Albums." Nice. [via Vulture]

7. Watch Bon Iver's bizarre new video for "Beth/Rest" featuring ritualistic wearing of onesies. [via Pretty Much Amazing]

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