Queen's "One Vision" Is the Funnest MLK Tribute You'll Hear Today

by James Rickman

Today, millions of us will take a moment to cue up "Pride (in the Name of Love)," or Stevie Wonder's "Happy Birthday," or maybe the late-sixties chestnut "Abraham, Martin, and John" (revived, most notably, by Leonard Nimoy). But who knew that Queen had an MLK song -- or at least a song that champions dreams and unity over laser beams of electric guitar? The year was 1985, and Freddy and the boys were flying high off the legendary Live Aid concert, where they'd played in front of 72,000 people. In other words, they were in no mood for somber attire and black-and-white archival footage. Instead, they filmed themselves dicking around in a Munich recording studio. Let freedom ring!

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