Purity Ring Celebrates Record Deal at Public Assembly

Rebecca Smeyne
Canadian duo Purity RingMegan James and Corin Roddick, played a completely packed industry party in the back room at Public Assembly in Williamsburg last night, in celebration of their record deal with 4AD. Corin, formerly of the band Gobble Gobble, presides over beats and samples; Megan weaves in her vocal melodies. The music displays a unusual combination of influences. Several people remarked that Megan sounded like Bjork in some songs last night (she did) and Pitchfork invoked a comparison to the Knife. But in addition to the ethereal melodies, futuristic synths, and dancey beats, there's also elements of dubstep and hip-hop, all of it coming together for a fresh and lively sound. Most exciting is their live show -- Corin stands behind an arrangement of what looks like a bunch of little Chinese paper lanterns. The lanterns are pressure-sensitive and trigger specific electronic notes. This clever setup allows him to play the lights instead of a keyboard, and it looks really cool.  Megan also hits a bass drum to the same effect. Check out our pics from the show.

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