We sent PAPER's Atisha Paulson to photograph CFDA Award-winning designers (and Friends of Paper) Public School (a.k.a. Maxwell Osborne and Dao-Yi Chow) as they prepped for New York Fashion Week. Ahead of their presentation on Sunday, we caught the guys fitting models, sizing garments, and stealing (rare) quiet moments of rest. Check out Paulson's photos, below.

Maxwell and Dao-Yi Tell Us the 10 Things They Can't Live Without During NYFW:

1. Music
2. Joseph Ting, our amazing tailor
3. Organic Avenue juice
4. Our assistants and interns
5. Jokes
6. Space
7. Balthazar Egg in a Puff Pastry
8. Baby Wipes
9. A Mophie Phone Case
10. Caffeine