Prince Turns 54 + Ugg Wedding Boots = 8 Items Or Less

1. Now we know what shoes Snooki should wear at her nuptials: these wedding-collection Ugg boots. [via Laughing Squid]

2. Check out 90s Nickelodeon All-Star Lori Beth Denberg (formerly of All That) on an episode of Comedy Central's Workaholics. [via Buzzfeed]

3. This is pretty fun: Voice-Over Actors Who Look Like Their Characters. [via Flavorwire]

4. Happy Birthday Prince!  The legendary artist turns 54 today (and is birthday buddies with Michael Cera!). [via Dangerous Minds]

5. Whoa cozy.  Look at this "seating pod" -- more like an artificial womb -- made by designer Freyja Sewell. [via Design Milk]

6. Erykah Badu is none too happy with The Flaming Lips' recent video that she and her sister appeared in (you can watch it here) -- check out the exchange she had with Wayne Coyne. [via Death + Taxes]

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