Call it a trend? Two weekends in a row, we've unexpectedly ended up at unrelated, fantastically curated, projection-based, experimental art and sound events in cavernous, raw, industrial settings. Friday and Saturday nights, Nuit Blanche New York, a group dedicated to producing light and projection-based art events (like those illuminated friezes we loved at the last New Museum Gala) put on a show in a 19th century rope factory and former underground skate park known as the Autumn Bowl (the namesake bowl was filled in two years ago) on the Greenpoint waterfront. It was called Whispers and included a full roster of performances and visual artists.

One highlight was Prince Rama's workout-inspired performance art, a variation on their ongoing Now Age theme. Coincidentally, a member of another band found a stairmaster in the trash outside, which turned into the perfect spontaneous prop for Prince Rama's highly participatory set, which the audience embraced wholeheartedly.

Nuit Blanche's Autumn Bowl installation will remain open through the end of October, with several more events planned, such as a night with Jamie XX and Four Tet on the 26th, and a Halloween party on the 31st, with some big-name performers TBA.