Prince Rama, Guardian Alien + Dan Friel at MOVES and Big Sky Works' CMJ Parties

Rebecca Smeyne

Two of our favorite CMJ-week parties were, as usual, totally unofficial joints: one Friday night at Big Sky Works, a trapeze studio in Williamsburg, and another on Saturday afternoon at MOVES, a clothing shop and fashion design studio in Greenpoint. 

Friday's event was promoted as a "psychedelic music, dance, aerial and visual extravaganza." We caught Parts and Labor wizard Dan Friel's eponymous solo project, accompanied by aerialist Tanya Gagne of the Wau Wau Sisters, swinging from a giant dreamcatcher. Other acts included Ponytail's Dustin Wong, and Guardian Alien, one of ex-Liturgy drummer Greg Fox's many musical projects. Additional highlights included the enormous visual projections, mixed live on a keytar(!) by B.A. Miale (, who was also one of the show's organizers.

Guardian Alien was on the bill again the next afternoon at MOVES, which hosted a free show also featuring Hare Krishna-bred sisters Prince Rama and Japanese all-girl punk trio Hard Nips. Performances were held in the shop's design studio, which featured a craft table full of free sartorial odds and ends for guests to get creative with (belts seem to be the most popular result). Concert goers could also shop the colorful designs of Ruffeo Hearts Lil' Snotty
or sip on some lavender soda and vodka from the open bar. Both shows certainly beat spending all day standing around in crowds at traditional CMJ venues like the Cake Shop or the Knitting Factory (not to mention spending hundreds of dollars on a badge).

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