Preview Ron English's "Crucial Fiction" at Opera Gallery

For his new show at SoHo's Opera Gallery, street artist Ron English collaborates with his former child self, creating a subversive, fever-dream pop-mash-up of 8-year-old English's interests in comic books, super hero figurines, sugary breakfast cereal and busty female aliens. Per the show's catalog, English's "Crucial Fiction" features works that "address a fantastical question: What might happen if a 50 year old man at the height of his powers as fine artist and painter, could finally animate the elaborate visions constructed by his 8-year-old self, that boy who dug holes to China in the backyard while imagining every blade of grass as a green army soldier laid low by the advancing plastic hordes of cowboys, indians and assorted disposable heroes?"  Check out English's pieces below, which go in display November 1st. 

Last Fat Breakfast

The Virgin Diaries

Homer and Barney at the crossroad

Star Skull Lady Lips

Bubble Headed Bunnies

Combat Rising

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