If Cindy Sherman had grown up in the Internet Age and hung out with Peggy Noland and SSION's Cody Critcheloe, her artwork might look a bit like Jaimie Warren's. In her new solo exhibition at The Hole, The Whoas of Female Tragedy II, the Kansas City-based artist uses her own face and figure as her artistic medium and, like Sherman, creates breathtakingly outlandish self-portraits in a variety of guises, totally transforming herself into surreal characters -- much of which have been lifted from the Internet. Rather than simply recreating Dutch Masters paintings or photos of celebrities, Warren adds another layer to her art by recreating recreations -- that is, by recreating Renaissance paintings that have been photoshopped by Internet users or distorted photos of celebrities whose faces have been merged with food (á la 'Lasagna Del Rey').

"Warren is interested in the anonymous nature of “bored at work” Photoshoppers especially in the art history series where venerated works of art history are ridiculously and abjectly altered in the most curious ways," a press release about the exhibit says. "The ersatz humour of the internet and the slightly creepy concoctions of the public when bored with the barrage of celebrity images all fit well into her vaudevillian, Roseanne Barr-ean sense of humour that pervades all her art and performances."

Check out preview images from the show below, from series inspired by "found Photoshopped paintings from art history," "found Photoshopped images that mix celebrities with food," and "http://roflrazzi.cheezburger.com/totallylookslike where people pair images of celebrities with objects, animals, food, other celebrities, etc. to show how they humorously look alike."

The Whoas of Female Tragedy II opens January 10th and runs through February 9
The Hole Gallery, 312 Bowery, New York