Several years ago, German-born Mallence Bart-Williams left her home there to move to Sierra Leone, where her father grew up. Once in the country's capital, Freetown, she met and befriended a group of twenty young men known as the Lion Base crew, named after the slums -- frequently described as no more than a gutter -- in which they lived. Against all odds, and with the support of Bart-Williams, the crew pulled away from the crime and violence that surrounded them in Lion Base and became a creative collective known as FOLORUNSHO, making artisan textiles and accessories that have caught the eye of designers and brands like German streetwear brand K1x, who teamed up with the collective on a line of sneakers sold at Paris' Colette. Most recently, Bart-Williams, along with photographer Barron Claiborne and cinematographer Shawn Peters, has created a photo book and documentary that chronicles the lives of the Lion Base crew and their incredible trajectory. Tonight, the book celebrates its launch with a party and exhibition at THE POWERHOUSE ARENA in DUMBO and you can scope some preview images below.

THE POWERHOUSE ARENA, 37 Main St., Brooklyn; Event is from 6pm-9pm

To watch a trailer for the documentary, click HERE.

Captions courtesy of Mallence Bart-Williams