PREMIERE: Teeth and Tongue's "The Party Is You"

Going by the unlikely name Teeth and Tongue, Melbourne, Australia-based singer Jess Cornelius creates melodic, sludgy rock that's steadily gaining steam -- and growing its fanbase -- after successful stints at festivals-cum-band training camps like SXSW and CMJ. After releasing the beautifully yearning "The Party Is You" -- all gloomy guitar wails, cowbells and synths -- the artist has an official music video to accompany the track, which we're excited to exclusively premiere. Featuring a lonely anti-heroine in a leopard coat and pink wig á la Britney Spears during her "Bald Britney" days, the clip will cut to the quick for anyone who's had moments where they've felt like they're unwelcome somewhere. Of the video, Cornelius says, "Originally I thought the weird drunk girl would be me, but luckily we found someone else to do it so I didn't have to. The main idea was for her to be trying to get random strangers to dance with her. It morphed into her getting kicked out of lots of bars and parties, but I think she's still endearing." Watch the video above and decide for yourself if you agree with the singer's character assessment.

"The Party Is You" appears on Teeth and Tongue's forthcoming third album, out in 2013.

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