Premiere: Slam Dunk Jump Off Roofs and Roll Down Hills in "Dying Breed"

Victoria, Canada soul-punk quintet Slam Dunk have shared with us this clip for their riotous, ramshackle single "Dying Breed," off Welcome to Miami, released earlier this month on File Under: Music. The video, directed by Jordan Minkoff and shot by Morgan Tams in the warm colors of an old VHS tape, builds on the song's demented energy: band members in medieval armor and white face-paint shotgun beverages, jump off roofs and exchange high-fives in a suburban backyard. It ends with them rolling down a hill, which is never not fun. According to the band, "There was once a very loose plot but that was forgotten once shooting began. It was done in two days and the majority of the budget was spent on bucket hats and flood pants. The meaning of the video is up for interpretation."

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