Premiere: Leisure Cruise Blast Off In New Video, "Earthquake"

by Abby Schreiber

Leisure Cruise, a new project from Broken Social Scene's Dave Hodge and Firehorse's Leah Siegel, has a new video out, "Earthquake," that we're excited to exclusively premiere. The video features pink and purple-tinged footage of rocket launches, power plants imploding and occasional glimpses of humans taking this all in. The imagery is a reference to the concept behind the band itself -- the idea that in the future humans might colonize a new planet and go on one "final leisure cruise for the human race."

"A couple months after we started writing together, there was a discovery of a potentially huge number of 'mirror earths,' planets in other solar systems that could potentially host human life," Hodge and Siegel say of the source of inspiration. "The cruise off of this planet was, in our minds, the final step in our evolution, not an escape from our devolution...for us, the Leisure Cruise is a happy and peaceful exit when we leave Earth to let it rejuvenate."

"Earthquake" appears on the band's self-titled debut album, out now via Last Gang Records.

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