PREMIERE: Club Chrissie ft. Cory Kennedy

On today's episode of Club Chrissie, PAPER Nightlife Award Winner Cory Kennedy heads over to the crafting klatch to make some denim iPhone cases. The two have some funny exchanges (turns out Chrissie inadvertently turned a pair of Cory's jeans into scraps for her craft pile) and make some pretty darn cute cases (and certainly cuter than the two monstrous, armor-like cases Kennedy was rocking before). Watch the episode above and keep an eye out for an appearance by Miller's boyfriend, the artist and actor Leo Fitzpatrick, who explains the harrowing story behind a pair of goofy-looking jeans.

Club Chrissie Featuring Leah Dell
Club Chrissie Featuring Maxine Ashley
Club Chrissie Featuring Mr. Mickey and Susan Miller
Club Chrissie Featuring Pharrell

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