Premiere: "Beautiful Stranger" by Miss Guy

by Lara Casselman

In their fish-eyed, MTV-premiered 2001 video for "Another Day In The Life," Miss Guy's band Toilet Böys channeled the leather-clad punk energy of the '80s. Over a decade later, the musician and DJ is still as glamorous as ever in his new music video for "Beautiful Stranger," a shoegaze-meets-Liz Phair number with a tinge of '90s throwback graphics. Like "God Save New York," Guy's collaboration with Debbie Harry, "Beautiful Stranger" uses extra low-fi special effects that could as easily have been hand-drawn as computer generated, and it's a nice departure from the glut of CGI-enhanced music videos we see all over the place. Scope "Beautiful Stranger" above while maybe painting your nails hot pink and wildly air-guitaring.

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