Postcards from Brazil: Highlights From Sao Paulo Fashion Week

Zandile Blay

I'm thong deep in Sao Paulo Fashion Week with roughly three more days to go, but it doesn't mean I can't stop and take stock of the fabulosity which has ensued so far. Take a journey with me as I re-live the brighter moments of this spectacular Spring 2010 season...

The Second Coming of Jesus....and Giselle: Word on the street before the Collci presentation was that you don't go for the fashions -- you go for the show. And what a show it was! When Giselle Bundchen and Jesus Luz glided onto the catwalk I damn near died from the joy, and heat, and sexy of it all.

Raquel Zimmermann's Animale Antics: My boy Franklin from Hint magazine mentioned the term "white savagery" as an inspiration for a Vogue Italia shoot we were staring at. Think long blond hair, pelts of fur, raw meet... you get the point. Well, Ms. Zimmermann on the catwalk for Animale was the personification of the term. Her wild hair, dark eyes, and fierce face -- not to mention the faux ripped and shredded leather look she was rocking -- made the audience gasp. Literally.

Gangsta Photographers: Dude, trust me, you ain't never experienced fashion week until you've heard photogs erupt in a cacophony of bird, frog, goat and snake calls before a show starts. They are not above communicating their boredom -- or anger -- with good old fashioned words. At one point when the front row rose to give a standing ovation too early, every single photog in the pit yelled "Senta!" -- or sit down -- and they did.

The Happpy Dandy Who Closed The Neon Show: The name really doesn't do it justice -- the Neon show was brighter than a backlit rainbow! Blame it on -- or thank -- Dudu Bertholini, one half of the design duo which created the colorful collection. (The line launched in 2002 with partner, Rita Comparato.) His bow was the stuff dreams are made of: rows and rows of models flanked on either side, while Dudu strutted the entire length of the catwalk, blowing kisses along the way. At the end, he stops -- flowing caftan, flowing hair, man-heels and all -- to give a curtsy the Queen Mother herself would be proud of.

Space Aged Shoes at the Gloria Coehlo Show: There's a delicate line between epic fail and epic success. Guess which side of that these space aged heels fell on?

More Black Model: Such a shame that in an age when my Uncle Obama (we are related, as all Africans are) is living in the White House, fashionistas would still have to be coerced into showing more black models on the runway. But alas, such was the case in Sao Paulo where organizers of Sao Paulo Fashion Week were threatened with legal action if they didn't increase the presence of Afro-Brazilian models on the runway. The girls I saw were definitely Sasha Fierce! But was there ever any doubt?

Cervezas at the Computer: God bless working while tipsy. Ice cold bottles of Nova Schin, a tasty tropical lager abounded in the press office where international and domestic press were working. Always one to succumb to select bits of peer pressure, I drank a few bottles while on the job. Actually, sipping on one right now...

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